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In accordance with nature and forest regionalization of Torzym Forest District is located in located in the 3rd Land of Greater Poland and Pomerania on the border of Lubuskie Lake District in Lubuskie mesoregion. The average annual rainfall is approximately 600 mm and temperature is 8.3 degrees. Vegetative period is about 225-240 days.

The area of the forest district is lowland and located nearly complete in mesoregion of the Torzym Plain. Outermost forest areas (south-eastern part) of the forest district belong to the Łagów Lake District mesoregion. Middle and northern part of the forest constitutes part of the Lubuskie forest located on vast slightly undulated outwash plains crossed by river valleys (Pliszka and Ianka rivers), numerous peat bogs and mushy areas. In the region of Torzym and Boczów lakes there are hills up to 129 m above the sea level. Additionally, in this forest district features the edge of bottom and morainic deposits. Northern part of the forest district is of completely different nature as the landscape is typical of early post-glacial areas. It includes diverse outwash landforms with outcrops of glacial deposits, numerous postglacial channels (the River Ilanka). In this part of the forest district the highest height of land reach 140 m above the sea level and difference in relative heights reach 40-50 metres.

Surface area of the forest district is 21 745.08 ha while its territorial range is 33 546.55 ha (includes 20 975.96 ha of forest lands). Aforested areas occupy 20 189.33 ha, non-forested - 171.96 ha and forest management lands - 614.58 ha.

Torzym Forest Districts is characterised by relatively low fragmentation. Dense, large areas of forest complexes occur in Gątków Wielki precinct, in the southern part of Torzym precinct and south-western part of Wystok precinct. The largest area of forest complex (10 000 ha) is within the following sub-districts: Torzym, Korytno, Drzewce, Dębrznica Środkowo and Gądków.

Woodiness of Torzym Forest District is 62.1%.

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