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On the area of Torzym Forest District in 2000 a sanctuary "The Ilanka River Valley" was founded and covers 239.23 ha. The aim is to preserve various forms of peat bogs, complexes of springs within natural and semi-natural landscape standing out for its flora, fauna and particularly rare phytocoenosis due to their scientific and didactic characteristic.

In the area of "The Ilanka River Valley" there are 380 species of plants (around 320 of them are vascular). 7 of them are protected species (the early marsh orchid, western marsh orchid, common twayblade, marsh helleborine) and many other are partially protected. The reserve is the largest known Polish sanctuary of blunt-flowered rush.

"The Valley of Ilanka River" is also an important sanctuary for animals. The greatest and best researched group are birds as 80 species have been recorded (endangered black storks, cranes, the grey wagtail, common rosefinch


Designed sanctuaries:

- "Lake Ratno" - area of the lake in the valley of Pliszka River and the surrounding bogs - 23.55 ha.

- "Pliszka Peat Bog" (115.43 ha), "Moss area of Kosobudka" (27.41 ha) - complex of lowland bogs, meadows and mush forests subject to protection

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